Thursday, July 2, 2009

Creatively Sluggish

The past week's sickness seems to have sapped my creative energy along with my physical energy.  To try and regain some strength I took up Bikram Yoga and have made it to 3 sessions.  I am learning slowly and getting my ass kicked in the meantime.  I love the way I am forced to focus on the poses for 90 minutes and forget everything else.  I have never practiced yoga outside of my own living room, so looking awkward and sweaty in front of other people is not my forte.  

To combat my embarrassment of being a beginner, after my first session I went on a mission with the goal of at least dressing the part of a practiced yogi.  Along the way I picked up a new yoga mat, some shorts that will never see the outside of a yoga studio and am in the process of obtaining a few new tank-tops that are appropriate for 105 degree weather.  

I really love my mat.  It's by Nike and has great traction, even when I am absurdly sweaty.  The shorts, however, are just a necessity.  I tried the first class in a pair of running shorts and the loose material kept sticking and getting uncomfortable, so I swallowed my pride and bought a pair of insanely short lycra yoga shorts.  The consolation is that no one pays attention to anyone else during class, so no one is ogling my pasty, white legs that modesty usually keeps safely tucked away.  

I am getting progressively more accustomed to the near-naked state of most of my classmates and am trying to get comfortable revealing so much of my skin.  Honestly, the less you wear the easier it is to do the poses and deal with the sweltering heat that defines Bikram yoga.  I feel myself getting addicted to it and the detoxed feeling that I experience after each class is enough to keep me coming back. 

Anyone else do yoga?  Are there any particular brands of yoga wear that you prefer?  I'm new, so I would love any suggestions.  


  1. I have yet to try Bikram, and have only taken Ashtanga classes (but only at my gym, not a proper yoga studio), this was quite a while ago...I'm so unfit! :( Must get back into it, and that'll mean I will then be able to get back into my clothes! :)

  2. omg you are such a trooper to make it through bikram! i've been a few times and every time i come out swearing i'll never go again.. haha. But i'm one of those people that can't stand steam or dry heat saunas...

    lululemon makes good yoga stuff!

  3. My trial period at the Bikram place is up, so I am on to Vinyasa yoga and then power yoga next week. Maybe I will have to check out Ashtanga, too. Still trying to find the perfect fit...

    I love lululemon, I just need to make time to go by their store, great recommendation.