Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Down...

...Two more finals to go. My brain feels like mush, but I am relieved to have one out of the way. I don't get nerves before exams the way I did my first year of law school, but studying is still stressful and life-consuming. All my creativity goes out the door while I try to focus on whether using a company's trademark as a Google search term is trademark infringement. Try not to envy my life, I know it's hard :) I'll be back after next Thursday when my brain is no longer occupied with legal madness.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Grumble, Grumble

Vogue, I have been a subscriber for years and yet every month the magazine is out on the newstand for 2 weeks before you see fit to get it to my door. That's what I get for my loyalty? Annoying. 'Tis the weekend and still no new magazines to read...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Lady Who Lawyers

I love the way this woman puts herself together. According to the story accompanying her photo, she is an attorney by day, photographer by night. Donning a 3-piece suit isn't something I had imagined doing, but she pulls it off well, which makes me believe that maybe I could find a cut and fabric that works for me. I love the additional flourish of the huge, cozy scarf. It's a bright, yet slightly muted, yellow that really brings attention to her beautiful face. It's a tough balance bringing style into a workplace that requires your clients to perceive you as capable and trustworthy and she walks the line with ease.


Whenever I get stressed, I find myself justifying any and all indulgences to soothe my nerves. Given that I am at my internship 20-25 hours a week, attending 3 classes and have my first final exam of the term in a week and a half, I am turning to every single one of my vices, almost unconsciously. Some of my top indulgences include:

Haagen Dazs:

Have you ever tried Rum Raisin? I hadn't until last week and it reminds me of the holidays - surprisingly tasty. Still, my standby is always coffee. I frequently try other brands, but none quite compare to the texture and the intensity of the flavor that Haagen Dazs creates using minimal ingredients. I can pronounce all the ingredients on the list and find them all at the grocery store, which makes me feel better about devouring half a pint.

Sleeping late on the weekend:

Normally I don't change my schedule drastically on the weekends. I still get up at 7 so I can stay in my routine and feel productive. Lately, however, 10am rolls around and I am barely rolling out of bed. I'm sure it's to compensate for the late nights of studying, but it makes adjusting to the week a lot more difficult.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee:

Even the smell of it perks me up. It can be from a street cart, I don't care, coffee makes me happy. Though, if given the choice, I prefer espresso made by Greg, a mocha from Stumptown complete with foam art, or any of Chapterhouse's creations - all are heaven.

Couch time with my dogs and a book or stack of magazines:

Pajama pants, a blanket, two small pups (one in my lap and one on the back of the couch practically wrapped around my shoulders), and a new, or well-loved, book or magazine in my hands is my happy place. I'm cozy, comfortable and my mind is getting a break from the barrage of legal language I face every day. And can you really blame me for wanting to cuddle with those pups! I'm a huge animal lover and my dogs are some of my favorite 'people' in the world.

Re-watching my favorite movies/tv shows:

This drives Greg nuts. He doesn't understand how I can watch something I have seen before again and again. I tell him, if I loved it the first time, why wouldn't I love it the second (or tenth) time? He must have every TrueBlood episode memorized by now because of me. Sometimes it is the story-line, other times it is the outfits that have me returning to my favorites. Currently on my rotation are TrueBlood, The Rachel Zoe Project, Amelie, The Princess Bride, Weeds. Netflix has been injecting my routine with a little variety, I highly recommend Sunshine Cleaning if you like dark humor or The Brothers Bloom. Otherwise, I keep going back to what I know.

What indulgences do you turn to when life gets rough?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

27 and Counting...

On Monday I turned 27, which means I am now in my late twenties...I think I am okay with that. I feel very grown-up, actually, so it's probably a good year to graduate from law school. To celebrate, my husband and I went out to dinner at Supper, conveniently located a block away from our place. Prior to heading out, we took advantage of a new outfit, bag and the good lighting and took some photos.

I assure you, my chihuahua does not normally spend him time outdoors being carried in a bag. He is much more of a 'paws on the ground wreaking havoc' kind of guy. He just happened to fit in the bag, the first of my purses he could actually ride in, so it's more of a joke than a daily occurrence.

The bag is a 'vegan leather' carry-all by Shiraleah. I found it randomly at a small shop that we went to just to pick up chocolates and cut-flowers. It works perfectly as an alternative to my regular school bag, fitting my lap top and large legal tomes. Because it is a polyurethane blend, rain simply beads off of it, unlike leather, which would be devastated by Philly's inclement weather. There were several more neutral colors available, however, as I tend to gravitate towards a neutral palette in my outfits, I opted for the bright raspberry shade and it has been a fantastic offset the blacks, grays and browns that I don almost daily.

As for dinner, it was a tasty mix of small plates enjoyed in the company of our hilarious neighbor, who reminds me of my mom in best of ways. Had I not been 3 sheets to the wind, I might have remembered to take photos of the food or bugged my husband to do so for me, but as it was two cocktails later I was too giddy to be bothered with the details. All in all a fine birthday.