Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Gaga at the Grammys

Predictably unpredictable - she looks like a bombshell fairy godmother, complete with wand. It's insane, it's intergalactic, and it's mesmerizing. I love it.

Photo Credit: Getty via Jezebel

Friday, January 29, 2010

Casual Kicks

I have been focusing on my work-wardrobe the past several months and the casual portion of my closet has suffered. I just found a new website,, that has reignited my latent desire for casual-wear and am currently lusting over these shoes:

The atmosphere at my internship is fairly lax, but even still these shoes would not be acceptable. So, I would pair them with skirts or denim for weekend outings. The wedge heels makes walking comfortable and stable and I am still not over studs on accessories. Speaking of accessories:

I think I need this ring. $12! It is adjustable and perfect for throwing on for after work cocktails or weekend outings.

I really shouldn't browse shopping sites after 2 glasses of wine...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chanel Couture Spring 2010

Collections like these are the reason that Karl Lagerfeld has endured as a fixture in the fashion world for so long. Not only is he the master of reinvention, nixing the gold buttons and dark colors that Chanel is known for, but every look was breathtaking. The whole collection was ethereal and practically glowing. A few select favorites:

Anyone who says fashion is not art after seeing this runway has to be crazy.

Photo Credit: WWD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SAG Style Stars

The SAG Awards was round 2 of the runway spectacle. These four were my favorites. Diane Kruger bounced back nicely from that the Golden Globes gown, which I thought to be a rare fashion misstep on her part. She looks glamorous and stunning, as do...

Mademoiselle Marion Cotillard
Breast Cancer Survivor Christina Applegate
...and the ageless Kyra Sedgwick.
These gorgeous women all picked incredibly flattering gowns that, while exquisite, did not overpower them. I can't wait to see have they navigate the next red carpet event!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dello Russo Rules

Anna Dello Russo has killer style, and killer legs which she is usually showing off in something short. She looks no less fantastic covered up in capris.
She and her assistants somehow manage to look coordinated, but not 'matchy.' I'm coveting Anna's shoes, even though they are girlier than most of my wardrobe, and am lusting over the entire outfit on the right. They look effortlessly stylish, without falling prey to looking overdone. Jealous.

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes Glam

The Golden Globes marks the beginning of awards season! This means that there will be red carpets galore in the upcoming months, with plenty of opportunities to drool over fab frocks. I know I am a couple days behind on the Golden Globes, but there were too many lovely dresses to ignore!

I have been watching Damages Season 1, so Rose Byrne is high on my radar and she certainly stood out in the sea of pinky-beige with this stunning gown by Lanvin. I love the detailing at the waist.

Ginnifer Goodwin's dress wowed on the red carpet, as well, and I love that she went with a short dress. The royal blue of her dress and her flawless makeup made her eyes stand out.

At first glance, I was not so sure about Marion Cotillard's gown. But, the more I looked, the more I liked. In particular, the color is fabulous and her hair and makeup are perfection!

She looks like a Grecian goddess with perfectly tousled locks. The geometric patterns on the bodice are incredibly figure flattering, although she really doesn't need help in that area, anyway!

Chloe Sevigny is perpetually able to pull-off gowns that are more fashion-forward than crowd-pleasers. This gown has just enough color not to blend into her skin and she made a wise choice with the sleek hair that doesn't compete with the folds of the dress.

All in all it was a glamorous night. I wish I had an occasion that called for a fancy dress, but with school and my internship, I am on a jeans and pencil skirt regimen. Not nearly as exciting. Who were your favorites?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rouge Coco: Return of the Lipstick?

Are you a lipstick lady? It seems that Vanessa Paradis is, at least if it's Rouge Coco by Chanel.

With the launch of their new line of long-lasting, hydrating creme lipstick, Chanel is hoping to reignite the interest of consumers, particularly American and Japanese consumers for whom lip gloss now makes up 50% of the lip product market, in the lost art of wearing lipstick. This line will consist of mainly shades in the very wearable beige and pale pink range priced at $30.

I like the idea of lipstick. It feels sophisticated and grown-up, and I have images in my head of my mom leaning into the mirror so she could apply her lipstick that pop into my head. I have my go-to 'Dolce Vita' lipstick by Nars for work days, but on weekends I admit I am a chapstick and lip gloss kind of gal. Putting on gloss is quick and easy when you are out and about and don't have a mirror to ensure accuracy. However, in an effort to be more put-together this year, maybe I will try to become a full-time lipstick wearer, if only to put more ritual and thought into my process of getting ready. Unfortunately, I have lots of lip glosses floating around that I would feel sad to ignore, so that may or may not work!

Thoughts? Are you a lipstick lady or a gloss kind of gal?

Photo Credit: WWD

Combat Over Boots

My particular interest in law school is intellectual property. I hope to make a career out of protecting designers', artists' and entertainers' copyright and trademark rights.* That type of practice would include bringing lawsuits against outright counterfeits, but also against designs and naming conventions that tread that line too closely. Case in point, Danner shoes have sued rag & bone for copyright and trademark infringement for creating a shoe that looks quite similar, but what really gives them a case it seems is the fact that they named the shoe 'Danner Combat Shoes by rag & bone.' The picture above is of the two shoes, Danner on the left and the rag & bone version on the right. What do you think? Did rag & bone merely take inspiration from Danner or did they cross the line? It's really difficult to make those determinations in the fashion realm where everyone is inspired by everyone else, but what are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Ny Mag

*Disclaimer: I am a law student, not a full-fledged attorney. I have not passed the bar in any state and any speculation I have about the legitimacy of any legal claims is not a professional opinion and should not be construed as such.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I spent New Year's Day walking the Brooklyn Bridge with hundreds of other tourists from around the globe. I lost count of how many different languages I heard being spoken. It was a beautiful day, crisp but not frigid, and by the end of the day we must have walked 10 miles exploring Brooklyn, NYU, Soho, Chinatown...Thank God for my new boots. They were warm and didn't kill my feet and slid nicely under my jeans.

I didn't come up with any resolutions by New Year's Eve. And only now, when I have spent the past couple days sick on the couch, have I given it much thought. So far, I have come up with the following:

1. Be More Healthy

General, I know, but I have been more sick in the past year than any other I can remember. I am not sure if it is the air in Philadelphia versus Portland, or if the stress of law school is just getting to me, but my immune system seems to be shot. In my quest for better health I will try to be less of a night owl, especially given the fact that I have to be in class at 8:30 every morning. I will try to tone down my caffeine addiction, switching from coffee to green tea. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, not processed foods. Lastly, I need to start running again. Maybe more regular exercise will help as well. Hopefully those changes will keep me more healthy and energized in 2010.

2. Fine-Tune my Wardrobe

It has taken me years to figure out what works for my shape (short, tending towards muscular). I think I have been in denial about my height :) Now that I have finally accepted what actually looks good, I need to go through what I own and clear out lots of items that do me no favors. Once that is accomplished, I have to make another list of pieces that I need to add to my wardrobe. I have been filling my closet with work pieces, but I also need to focus on weekend wear. My shoe selection also needs some help. This will all be more easily accomplished once I have a job and a paycheck. Which leads me too...

3. Be Diligent About Job-Searching

I do not graduate until late May, but given the legal market I need to get a head-start. My goal is a mid-sized to large firm that has departments that specialize in either entertainment, intellectual property or employment law. That being said, I will take whatever job I can get! However, to obtain any kind of job I need to put myself out in the market and take advantage of any connections I have and to continue networking.

4. Finish Writing a Book

I have bits and pieces of books that I have been writing saved on my laptop and in notebooks strewn about our place. I want to finish writing at least one of them. Starting is easy, but the middle is hard, even if I already have an ending in mind. I think the key at this point is just to write daily and hopefully the writer's block will fade.

5. Blog More Often

When life gets hectic, this blog is the first thing to go, but it's an outlet I appreciate. I would put a specific goal number on it, like 7 times a week, but that is not realistic and, honestly, if I make at least one entry a month that will be better than my previous record!

Any resolutions on your minds?