Friday, January 2, 2009

Matt & Nat

I have a lot of love for animals and for brands that manage to make products without hurting animals; I also own leather shoes and handbags and find that many cruelty-free brands make items that are horrifically ugly.  It seems paradoxical, I know, so when I find a company that manages to make gorgeous pieces, thus allowing me to feel both aesthetically satisfied and ethically virtuous I am a happy girl: enter Matt & Nat.  Their innovative materials and both classic and edgy designs will satisfy many different palettes and cater to people who are looking to save the wolves, as well as those simply looking to find the perfect bag for their outfit.  My personal collection of items includes this lovely (source: Matt & Nat): 

It goes with so many different types of outfits, holds a million items and gets lots of compliments.  On my light class days, I will throw my laptop right in the bag along with one casebook and avoid having to lug my backpack to school.  

My only concern?  This vegan leather 'Japanese Paper' bag is not the most durable of materials when facing the elements.  I was unexpectedly caught in a downpour and my mini umbrella did little to protect my bag from the forceful showers of Mother Nature.  After that, I noticed some wearing on the side exposed to the rain.  As it is not a practice of mine to make my handbags endure inclement weather, this will hopefully be the only extreme exposure that it suffers.  Overall, this bag in particular and the brand in general are definitely worth perusing.