Thursday, May 28, 2009

Movie Moment: Away We Go

There have been several previews that have captured my attention so much that after viewing them on television, I run to my computer and look them up on the internet to watch again. 'Away We Go' was just such a preview. The cast is full of people I love to watch. I am excited to see Maya Rudolph in a movie that is not a full-on comedy, though it seems that there will be funny moments. I can't wait until this comes out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sounds of Summer

Every time summer rolls around, I feel my music cravings shift from indie rock to full-on, no holds-barred, pop.  This week has seen me dancing shamelessly around our loft to the likes of Kylie Minogue and my new guilty pleasure, Girls Aloud, the U.K. pop group.  I save the tunes for when the husband is away because pop is not his cup of tea.  But, my dogs seem to enjoy the tunes, so I am in good company.  They indulge my inner pop star fantasy without so much as rolling their eyes!

Some favorites: 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sandal Season = Blister Season

There are times when I wish I lived in California.  During the transition from winter to summer shoe options is definitely one of them.  My feet punish me for living in a place where winter requires keeping them cooped up in boots and closed toes and away from strappy sandals.  Even my most comfortable and broken-in shoes are causing massive pain and blistering.  I will spare you a visual, but suffice it to say, wearing any kind of shoes right now is incredibly uncomfortable.  

I always seem to forget the pain that comes with this time of year.  And every year I promise myself that the next time I will take preventative steps instead of remedial measures.  This was another fail.  

Were I a smarter girl, I would have reached for this before putting on my first pair of flip-flops.  Hopefully all of you were smarter than me!

Photo Credit: Glamour

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Biking with Style

Though my husband is an avid cyclist, I only hop on my bike to head to brunch or some other similar (and fairly close-by) location.  Still, I can guarantee that I never look as chic as this young woman.  My husband once told me I looked like a tourist on my bike in my shorts, tank top and, yes, tennis shoes.  In my defense, we had just arrived in Philadelphia and most of my clothes and shoes options were in boxes en route from Portland.  

Ever since that comment, I am paranoid about my biking outfits, though I feel limited by my sense of decency.  I would love to throw on a chic dress to pedal, but I don't like to expose myself to pedestrians and drivers.  I think I might need to invest in my first pair of spandex shorts since my middle-school volleyball career ended.  

Photo Credit: Sartorialist

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Devil?

Were Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, a man, she would not be subjected to probably 90% of the criticism that she faces.  She's cold, she's demanding, she's difficult.  In other words, she's a bitch.  Those same attributes would be dismissed in a man holding a powerful position because no one needs powerful men to be warm and cuddly.  And yet, Ms. Wintour is somehow expected to wield one of, if not the most, influential positions in the titanic fashion industry and still coddle people and put up with people who waste her time all the while with a smile on her face.  But, Ms. Wintour is not smiling.  
Nor should she have to.  

It is probably apparent that I am a fan.  Not to say that American Vogue couldn't use some spicing up in its photoshoots, but overall I am quite in awe of this woman who has been at the helm for 20 years.  

It thrills me to see powerful women.  As I have one year left of law school, I often ponder the workplace that is waiting for me and it will likely be dominated by men.  I hope to find some female role-models, though, and I won't be looking for a mother figure - I already have a fantastic mom and she is who I will run to if I need to cry.  Instead, in a work setting I want to find someone who will show me how to get things done.  If sometimes that means leaving your smile at the door, then fine.  Hopefully at some point within my career being strong won't mean that a woman is labeled a bitch.  But until then, I am fine with choosing the route of Ms. Wintour and focusing on getting the job done.  

Anna Wintour is the subject of this Sunday's 60 minutes and I am excited for the behind the scenes look at her work and her philosophy.  Below is a clip of Morley Safer talking about Anna Wintour and the upcoming segment. 

Video Credit: CBS News

Monday, May 11, 2009


My little sis is getting married in just over a month.  The dress above is what I will be wearing as one of the bridesmaids.  Overall, not so bad as far as bridesmaid dresses go.  What I am still unsure about is what shoes I should wear.  The wedding is going to be outdoors, so stiletto heels are out of the question unless I want to get stuck on a lawn.  That means either a thick/substantial heel, or a wedge.  That still leaves me pondering what color I should choose.  The wedding colors are latte (as on the dress) and cream.  I don't really want to buy shoes in either of those colors, but I don't want to be disrespectful and choose something too far out of the spectrum.  I'm running low on inspiration, so any suggestions?

Ginnifer Goodwin in W

Looking to shed the giggly, good girl image, Ginnifer Goodwin is posing in this month's W in a decidedly different light.  Raw, tough and provocative, the shoot is a great departure from Margene, her character on Big Love.  

Besides being a good career move for Ms. Goodwin, the shoot is quite bad-ass. W Magazine always seems to take bigger risks than the standards, like Vogue, and this is no exception.  The shoot flirts with sexual tension between Ginnifer and the male models, and between the male models themselves.  But mostly, I love the smokey makeup and the wild hair; it makes me want to play 'makeover' in my bathroom like when I was a little kid.  All I need are a few more bottles of hairspray and I just might be able to recreate the volume achieved by the stylists on the shoot, though obviously (and sadly) not the length.  

Photo Credit: W Magazine      

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feeling Childish or How I Miss my Mother

Most of the time I feel fairly grown-up; I pay my bills on time, I haven't lived at home for almost 9 years, I'm married.  Get me on the phone with my mama (or my dad, but it's Mother's Day...), however, and I feel like a little kid.  We live about as far apart as you can and still be in the same country.  When I hear her voice on the phone I get nostalgic and wish that my husband and I lived just down the street from her and my dad so that I could sit on the couch and put my head on her shoulder like when I was a little kid.  

When I was perusing photos for this post, I realized how few great photos I have of me and my mom together.  I chose, instead, a photo from one of my favorite childhood books.  When I see my parents next, in June for my little sister's wedding, I fully intend to remedy the situation.  My mama is incredibly camera-shy, which is part of the reason for the lack of photos, but I will force her pose even if means bribing her with the promise of a shoulder massage.  

Almost everyone out there will say the same thing, but my mom is one of the most special people in the world.  If you are lucky enough to live close enough, be sure to give your mama a big hug.  

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wishing I was here...

...on a beach in Seychelles

...wearing this Cosabella one-piece
...drinking this tasty caipirinha!

It's actually quite rare that I do put on swimwear of any kind for any reason, let alone because I am on a tropical vacation. But the next time I have the opportunity to lounge in the sun, which will likely be my classmate's roofdeck right here in the city, I will try to find a one-piece as lovely as the one above. I usually go for the two-piece option, but I find myself wanting to change it up a bit this summer.

What I won't be giving up is my favorite summer drink, the caipirinha. It is limey and refreshing and perfect for a hot day. I also adore a great sangria, red or white wine, but many places make it way too sweet. Only 4 more days until I am through with finals and can indulge without guilt!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Met Costume Institute Gala

There are days, particularly days spent studying, when I wish my life was a tad more glamorous.  Rubbing salt in the wound are the beautiful people who attended last night's Met Costume Institute Gala.  A few of my favorites:

Mini-Movie Moment: Chanel No. 5

Audrey Tautou in the new Chanel No. 5 commercial:

Makes me want to jump on a train and have a cross-country adventure. Though mine might end up a little more like 
Carrie and Samantha's trip of horrors rather than a glamorous and sexy adventure.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Temporarily Unavailable...

...aka I am studying for my last set of final exams of my 2L year.  My mind is occupied with Evidence and ECommerce, though I would prefer to be pondering much lighter things.

So, until the time that I may return, I suggest you:

- Check out what makes people happy over at rockstar diaries
- Peruse Gennie's sweet story about strawberry umbrellas, plus enticing photos of Korean food and cupcakes at Maison de Reveries or
- Join Penny in her excitement over Vancouver's awesome architecture
- Try to memorize the Federal Rules of Evidence, but only if you need something to put you to sleep immediately.   

Here's to hoping you are having a much more exciting weekend than me!