Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Style Crush: Emma Watson

It seems to me that there are 3 trajectories for the transition of child stars to adults: those who sink miserably, those who experience a rough patch, but who then recover (think Drew Barrymore and Jason Bateman), and those whose transition is seamless.  Emma Watson, like Natalie Portman and Dakota Fanning, is of the last category.  But not only is her life seeming to fall into place without disaster, her sartorial choices are following suit.  Rarely does Ms. Watson miss a step when it comes to her wardrobe - she dresses impeccably for her age; her clothes are playful but not childish, mature but not matronly.  See exhibits 1-9.

To be fair, 2 of the photos are from photoshoots, and she might have a stylist.  Nonetheless she seems very at ease in her skin and I think that would show through in any outfit.  Her parents certainly did something right to raise such a poised young woman.  I think I need to raid her closet now. 

Photo Credit: WireImage via Harper's Bazaar

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