Friday, June 26, 2009

Sick Day

Ever since I returned from Portland, I have been battling sickness.  It's a sore throat/head cold combo that has knocked me out.  Methinks that it is either my body rejecting the Philly air or the nasty recycled air on the airplane blasted someone's germs right into my face.  Ick.  

On days like today, when my energy has been sapped and I feel quite low, it's almost a relief to lay low and be self-indulgent.  I play catch-up on reading my favorite blogs and fashion websites.  

Keeping me entertained today: 

21 Days to Better Skin from

Lovely collages at Boubou Teatime

Hilarious mini-models at

Finding out my Myers-Briggs personality type here.  I'm an INFJ, anyone else?

Hope all you out there are feeling much better than I am today.