Monday, July 27, 2009

To-Do List for Life: Language Edition

I have a running list of things that pop in my head that I want to accomplish at some point in my life. Most recently I have been on a language kick. I speak English, obviously, quite a bit of Spanish because I studied it in high school and majored in it in college, and I understand bits and pieces of Korean because of my husband and having spent 6 months abroad in Seoul. Still, I wish I knew more languages so that I could travel and be confident in my ability to communicate. I hate to be the stereotypical American who goes abroad and expects everyone to speak English. I think it's so elegant when you can converse in a person's native tongue and really understand the nuances of the exchange - it's something to which I aspire.

In my lifetime I would love to become passably fluent in a language from each region of the world. For example, I have the romance languages of Europe covered with Spanish, though I would actually love to learn French. For the Scandinavian languages, I would probably choose Swedish even though I am part Danish, mostly so I could converse with Alexander Skarsgard in his native tongue if we ever met! (Sorry honey). I keep trying to get better at Korean, but it's tricky for me. I would also want to learn Arabic, Swahili and Russian. Obviously that wouldn't get me everywhere, but between all of them I could probably make some conversation in most places I want to go.

Any goals on your minds lately?

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