Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life As I Know It...

In a word...hectic. My last year of law school has begun and, because I was a transfer student, I have to take the maximum amount of credits to graduate on time. In addition, I am doing a co-op program in a mid-sized firm, which I love (!), which takes up 25 hours a week. So, between classes, co-op, my pro-bono commitments and reading/preparing assignments for class, trying to exercise and spend time with husband and pups, I am not sleeping. Caffeine is my close friend and I am tempted to wear sunglasses indoors to hide the dark circles.

But, I'll tell you a secret, I love it. Honestly, truly, I love being busy. It makes me a more productive person and I feel like I am contributing something to the greater good by not sitting on my lazy ass. I do adore a lazy Sunday afternoon with a late brunch then watching reruns of my favorite show while wearing pajamas and being surrounded by small dogs. However, as I learned this summer, I go stir crazy and get depressed if I have too much time off. So, being back to my crazy schedule is a huge relief.

Am I insane, or is anyone else happiest when they are busy?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Style Crush: Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger always seems to kill it on the red carpet. She knows how to work neutrals in a way that is far from boring and has the confidence to pull off high-fashions flourishes without letting the garment wear her. I have no red carpets in my life, but if I did, I certainly would follow her lead!

Photo Credit: Just Jared, Popsugar

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ashley Olsen: Neutral and Nice

Ashley Olsen is featured on Marie Claire's September issue for her involvement in the fashion world. First of all, what beautiful shots. She looks sexy, but not trashy, even with the exposed bra. Second, I love the makeup and clothing color palettes - smoky neutrals that completely flatter her skin tone. Third, I want her hair. Mine needs to grow about 3 more inches, but I am slowly getting there.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes

One website that I regularly visit is It's got a great, clean but jam-packed layout and showcases trends and sales. Well, behind the site is this couple:

Philippe Von Borries and Piera Gelardi are the adorable husband-wife duo whose teamwork results in the highly visited site. They are featured in this month's Glamour in an article about happy marriages. I love getting behind the scenes and with all the sadness and divorce in the world, I love hearing about people who are making it work. Check out the article and the rest of the couples over at

Oh, Really?

Would you trust this man's fashion advice? Well, apparently he thinks he has something to teach young women with regards to fashion. Perez Hilton of the gossip site fame is launching Coco Perez, a style website targeted at 20 something females. I have to say that I am not a fan, which is why I am not linking to it. I don't know what he possibly thinks he can contribute to the fashion world. According to this interview with, he already seems to think he is going to be bigger than Vogue and that Anna Wintour should fear him...and that he is entitled to front row seats at fashion week. Not effing likely. This clown pretty much hates women, as evidenced from many of his blog posts (Jezebel does a good job of dissecting this phenomenon), so why he would try to cater to this demographic is beyond me.

I'm not saying that everyone who writes about fashion has to have an academic background in fashion, or even be the most stylish person out there - I wouldn't qualify if that was the criteria. But, Perez Hilton dresses like an ass most of the time and is disrespectful to women and in my book that doesn't mean that he has any rights to any respect in the fashion world. So, for him to try to waltz on in and tower over the industry's greats and have such a sense of entitlement is ludicrous.

Obviously I am a little (or a lot) disturbed by this newest development. Will you be following his new site?

Sunday, August 9, 2009


One of my favorite books of my childhood is being made into a movie and I am thrilled to see from the preview that it is in good hands with Spike Jonze at the helm. It looks just as it should and made me smile.

Change is Good

In 3 weeks I will once again be moving. This will make 8 moves in about 8 years. We are hoping that this next place will be our home until we decide we like Philadelphia enough to buy something, or we decide to leave the city. So many perks come with our new place, like having a park right out our front door, not sharing any walls with a neighbor, 3 coffee shops and 2 grocery stores within a 3 block radius, no homeless shelters on the block...We moved to Philly without already having a place to live, spent a week in a hotel and signed a lease on a loft that was great, but in a less than great location. Not unsafe - but more than slightly dirty and deserted at night. We are moving to a much livelier neighborhood with more trees and people and dogs, which I think will help me to like the city a lot more than I currently do.

The next couple weeks will be spent throwing out/donating anything we don't need, packing up all the loose items and trying to recruit friends into helping with the move. I'm hoping that promises of good Belgian beer and pizza will be enticing enough to do the trick. After we move, I am looking forward to picking out some new artwork and perhaps getting a new bedspread and rugs to make our current furniture mesh with the flooring and cabinets.

Anyone have any handy packing tricks?

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Sorry it's been so quiet. There was some unexpected (at least on my part) family sadness that is weighing on me. Not really feeling inspired to blog. Apologies. Hope to be back to it soon.