Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wants: Kitchen Edition

During my time off from school this summer, I have completed many baking projects. I like whipping up muffins or brownies or any other assortment of baked goods when the mood strikes. Most of the time the ingredients are easily mixed by hand, however, some of my favorite desserts require a little extra. Sadly, I do not have an electric mixer. Instead I grab my trusty whisk and set to frothing egg whites by hand. Unsurprisingly this causes me to become weary. With each project I find myself wishing more and more that I owned the classic KitchenAid mixer.

My older sister is an amazing cook and has every kitchen gadget known to mankind, including this iconic mixer. If it wasn't so heavy, I would have stolen it and brought it along when we moved to the east coast! I'm not looking to accumulate too many kitchen tools, but this makes sense. Some things are just too hard to whisk by hand (i.e. cheesecake) and some dishes just don't turn out quite like I want. My tiramisu never quite looks like this:

I simply cannot achieve that stiffness in the mascarpone mixture that is required. Infuriating!

Paying hundreds of dollars for a mixer just isn't in the cards right now, but I think I will hold off and won't buy a cheaper one. I'd rather wait it out and then get the one I really want, which may be a year from now when I am graduated and (hopefully) have a job. Until then I suppose I will just have to buy my tiramisu, which isn't really so bad after all.

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