Friday, July 17, 2009

She's back!

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Rachel Zoe.  During the days when she was everywhere in the tabloids I was skeptical about her, but after season 1 of the The Rachel Zoe Project I am a believer!  She's a lot funnier and more self-deprecating than you might expect.  But as much of a character as she is, her assistants totally steal the show.  Taylor annoys at times, but I adore Brad!  The bickering between the two of them cracks me and up and I am excited for season 2. 

Will you be tuning in when The Rachel Zoe Project returns to Brave on August 25?

Photo Credit: Bravo


  1. I am so tuning in... I loved the first season :)

    At first I was skeptical but now I admire her...although,I do wish she would put on a few pounds :P

  2. P.S. you have a very lovely blog :)

  3. Thank you ever so much! I get lazy sometimes, but I try to keep it up regularly :) And I agree with you about her weight - I think she would look lovely with a little bit more on her frame, but I adore her all the same.