Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feeling Childish or How I Miss my Mother

Most of the time I feel fairly grown-up; I pay my bills on time, I haven't lived at home for almost 9 years, I'm married.  Get me on the phone with my mama (or my dad, but it's Mother's Day...), however, and I feel like a little kid.  We live about as far apart as you can and still be in the same country.  When I hear her voice on the phone I get nostalgic and wish that my husband and I lived just down the street from her and my dad so that I could sit on the couch and put my head on her shoulder like when I was a little kid.  

When I was perusing photos for this post, I realized how few great photos I have of me and my mom together.  I chose, instead, a photo from one of my favorite childhood books.  When I see my parents next, in June for my little sister's wedding, I fully intend to remedy the situation.  My mama is incredibly camera-shy, which is part of the reason for the lack of photos, but I will force her pose even if means bribing her with the promise of a shoulder massage.  

Almost everyone out there will say the same thing, but my mom is one of the most special people in the world.  If you are lucky enough to live close enough, be sure to give your mama a big hug.  

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  1. Aw, what sweet post, that hits close to home!

    I am lucky that my mom is visiting at the moment (although staying with my grandparents most of the time, as she doesn't want to 'intrude' on hubby & I despite my protests otherwise). But otherwise we are on opposite ends of the globe (me in Oz, mom in Brazil, where I grew up), thank God for Skype! I hadn't seen my dad in 2 years before my recent trip over, and I felt like a little girl again with my parents :)