Monday, May 11, 2009


My little sis is getting married in just over a month.  The dress above is what I will be wearing as one of the bridesmaids.  Overall, not so bad as far as bridesmaid dresses go.  What I am still unsure about is what shoes I should wear.  The wedding is going to be outdoors, so stiletto heels are out of the question unless I want to get stuck on a lawn.  That means either a thick/substantial heel, or a wedge.  That still leaves me pondering what color I should choose.  The wedding colors are latte (as on the dress) and cream.  I don't really want to buy shoes in either of those colors, but I don't want to be disrespectful and choose something too far out of the spectrum.  I'm running low on inspiration, so any suggestions?


  1. what about a patent nude, pink or black? my friend has a killer pair of patent nude loubies that look amazing with nude-tone clothes.

    I didn't know your husband was korean! yeah those sweet potato crackers are so yummy.. once you pop you just can't stop!! :D

  2. I would team it with a subtle pewter, deep silver, champagne or oyster satin... or patent nude as suggested by gennie. I recently posted about my cousin's garden wedding, and her sister (bridesmaid) had one of these on her stiletto heels:

    You could barely see it, and it saved her from poking holes in the lawn :)

  3. Thanks for your suggestions, both of you. I think it's probably a crime against womanhood, but I am not really a 'shoe person,' so that area of my closet is utterly lacking and I am constantly at a loss as to what I should pair certain outfits with. In other words, I need advice from stylish ladies, such as yourselves :)