Friday, January 8, 2010

Rouge Coco: Return of the Lipstick?

Are you a lipstick lady? It seems that Vanessa Paradis is, at least if it's Rouge Coco by Chanel.

With the launch of their new line of long-lasting, hydrating creme lipstick, Chanel is hoping to reignite the interest of consumers, particularly American and Japanese consumers for whom lip gloss now makes up 50% of the lip product market, in the lost art of wearing lipstick. This line will consist of mainly shades in the very wearable beige and pale pink range priced at $30.

I like the idea of lipstick. It feels sophisticated and grown-up, and I have images in my head of my mom leaning into the mirror so she could apply her lipstick that pop into my head. I have my go-to 'Dolce Vita' lipstick by Nars for work days, but on weekends I admit I am a chapstick and lip gloss kind of gal. Putting on gloss is quick and easy when you are out and about and don't have a mirror to ensure accuracy. However, in an effort to be more put-together this year, maybe I will try to become a full-time lipstick wearer, if only to put more ritual and thought into my process of getting ready. Unfortunately, I have lots of lip glosses floating around that I would feel sad to ignore, so that may or may not work!

Thoughts? Are you a lipstick lady or a gloss kind of gal?

Photo Credit: WWD


  1. I have 2 lipsticks that I rarely wear, but when I do I get a lot of compliments... I should really wear them more often I guess but it just seems so much easier to slap on some gloss!

  2. I'm not a lipstick wearer at all. I've never found a good lipstick color for me so maybe that explains it, but I find it drying and high maintenance. I wear gloss if I'm going out, but mostly I just stick to Burts Bees lip balm. I figure I'll start wearing lipstick when I get older and all the color has drained from my lips!