Friday, January 8, 2010

Combat Over Boots

My particular interest in law school is intellectual property. I hope to make a career out of protecting designers', artists' and entertainers' copyright and trademark rights.* That type of practice would include bringing lawsuits against outright counterfeits, but also against designs and naming conventions that tread that line too closely. Case in point, Danner shoes have sued rag & bone for copyright and trademark infringement for creating a shoe that looks quite similar, but what really gives them a case it seems is the fact that they named the shoe 'Danner Combat Shoes by rag & bone.' The picture above is of the two shoes, Danner on the left and the rag & bone version on the right. What do you think? Did rag & bone merely take inspiration from Danner or did they cross the line? It's really difficult to make those determinations in the fashion realm where everyone is inspired by everyone else, but what are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Ny Mag

*Disclaimer: I am a law student, not a full-fledged attorney. I have not passed the bar in any state and any speculation I have about the legitimacy of any legal claims is not a professional opinion and should not be construed as such.

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