Tuesday, June 23, 2009

...And I'm Back

I spent the past week in Portland, Oregon, my former home, visiting friends and family all the while trying not to die from the allergies.  

For those of you not familiar with the city, I highly recommend visiting.  The city is really beautiful, the air is immaculately clean and the people are friendly.  


Stumptown Coffee.  Best coffee on the planet - try the Hair Bender espresso blend.  My husband and I toted 5 pounds of the beans back with us, but you can order some from their site.

The Rose Garden.  Rows and rows of gorgeous blends of roses, so picturesque and peaceful.

Ping.  New restaurant by the owner of another Portland favorite, Pok Pok.  Great flavors and interesting combinations of textures.  

Portland City Grill.  Sit in the bar and enjoy their extensive happy hour menu, fantastic martinis and brilliant view of the city from the 30th floor.

This is the first time we were ever tourists in the city, and we stayed at a friend's condo, but I hear good things about Ace Hotel, The Nines and the Paramount.   

Back to regular posting soon...I promise.


  1. I would love to visit Portland. The rose gardens sound so beautiful and I keep hearing about this legendary Stumptown coffee!

  2. I truly recommend it. I haven't found anything I love nearly as much, even in Philadelphia.

  3. Great picture. I like staying at a friends house will visiting a place. You get to know the people better.