Sunday, June 7, 2009

Backstage: Oscar de la Renta Resort 2010

Elle has provided its online readers with a glimpse of the backstage and runway of Oscar de la Renta's Resort 2010 show.  I always love seeing the inner workings of a fashion show.  Even after all the looks and models have been selected, the hair and makeup is another monumental task, even when the themes are relatively subdued, as in this show. 

My favorite look is the suit.  I struggle to find a balance between professional and stylish and often feel confined by choosing a profession in which I will have to wear a suit.  Oscar de la Renta's version is gorgeous, playing with the texture, color and undergarments to achieve a look that has classic lines, but feels modern.  

Photo Credit: Kelly Stuart for Elle


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  2. How absolutely beautiful! Especially the 4th image :)