Thursday, August 20, 2009

Style Crush: Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger always seems to kill it on the red carpet. She knows how to work neutrals in a way that is far from boring and has the confidence to pull off high-fashions flourishes without letting the garment wear her. I have no red carpets in my life, but if I did, I certainly would follow her lead!

Photo Credit: Just Jared, Popsugar


  1. I adore her... she's so classically beautiful and elegant. Love love love her :)

  2. STUNNING! Especially those 1st two dresses! Wow! :)

  3. I was just about to do an identical post! I love when stylish movie stars have huge movies to promote, because it means that we get to enjoy an extended fashion show! Diane Kruger is the perfect example of a woman who knows how to be sexy without being vulgar...somehow she can marry short minis with self-assured sophistication. Definitely on my list of girl crushes!