Sunday, August 9, 2009

Change is Good

In 3 weeks I will once again be moving. This will make 8 moves in about 8 years. We are hoping that this next place will be our home until we decide we like Philadelphia enough to buy something, or we decide to leave the city. So many perks come with our new place, like having a park right out our front door, not sharing any walls with a neighbor, 3 coffee shops and 2 grocery stores within a 3 block radius, no homeless shelters on the block...We moved to Philly without already having a place to live, spent a week in a hotel and signed a lease on a loft that was great, but in a less than great location. Not unsafe - but more than slightly dirty and deserted at night. We are moving to a much livelier neighborhood with more trees and people and dogs, which I think will help me to like the city a lot more than I currently do.

The next couple weeks will be spent throwing out/donating anything we don't need, packing up all the loose items and trying to recruit friends into helping with the move. I'm hoping that promises of good Belgian beer and pizza will be enticing enough to do the trick. After we move, I am looking forward to picking out some new artwork and perhaps getting a new bedspread and rugs to make our current furniture mesh with the flooring and cabinets.

Anyone have any handy packing tricks?

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