Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life As I Know It...

In a word...hectic. My last year of law school has begun and, because I was a transfer student, I have to take the maximum amount of credits to graduate on time. In addition, I am doing a co-op program in a mid-sized firm, which I love (!), which takes up 25 hours a week. So, between classes, co-op, my pro-bono commitments and reading/preparing assignments for class, trying to exercise and spend time with husband and pups, I am not sleeping. Caffeine is my close friend and I am tempted to wear sunglasses indoors to hide the dark circles.

But, I'll tell you a secret, I love it. Honestly, truly, I love being busy. It makes me a more productive person and I feel like I am contributing something to the greater good by not sitting on my lazy ass. I do adore a lazy Sunday afternoon with a late brunch then watching reruns of my favorite show while wearing pajamas and being surrounded by small dogs. However, as I learned this summer, I go stir crazy and get depressed if I have too much time off. So, being back to my crazy schedule is a huge relief.

Am I insane, or is anyone else happiest when they are busy?


  1. i certainly do. But I also love being lazy. I'm so happy for you and all of your accomplishments! congrats!

  2. I am happy when kept busy, but can go crazy if I don't have a day or two to stop, relax and reboot! I need the quiet times to fully be able to embrace the busy ones!

  3. I'm a couch potato, so I'm happiest when lazying around, hehe...but wow! Your life sure is crazy hectic!!! :) Take care!