Thursday, December 25, 2008


I used to be a terrific pack-rat.  Bits and pieces of things would collect on my shelves and I could not bring myself to part with even a random button or rock that had particular sentimental value.  That tendency has faded as I have grown and I now prefer a much more sparsely decorated living space than my previous cluttered existence.  However, I still manage to collect stacks and stacks of magazines, a habit that drives my husband crazy.  I excuse this particular behavior because I honestly do re-read many of the articles and will go back to browse photographs.  

I resolve in the new year to de-clutter that area of my life as well.  My plan involves a 3-hole punch, a 3-ring binder and a full day of free time in which to rip out pages that I want to keep for future reference.  Non-noteworthy pages shall be tossed to the recycling bin, thus making my place look miraculously more clean.  

Also helping the purge is the fact that several subscriptions recently expired, so I will have less piling up each month.  Allure, Vogue and Glamour - a magazine to which I had not previously subscribed but will apparently be receiving as a gift from my younger sisters - are all that will haunt my mailbox on a monthly basis.  These 3 magazines cover the beauty and fashion/style basics, so I should not feel too deprived.  If another magazine happens to have a favorite actress or interesting article I will certainly grab it, but those purchases will be evaluated monthly and will have to be fairly compelling.

I have many other resolutions, not all of them relating to fashion or beauty.  One relevant resolution is to keep my closet tightly edited to pieces that I really truly love and wear.  I recently moved, which gave me the opportunity to expunge all outdated and unwearable pieces from my wardrobe.  Looking at my closet is much more manageable now, but there are items that could disappear without causing me to grieve.  In the upcoming year I really want to be particular about what ends up in my closet and be less impulsive when I shop.  

I could go on, but that is enough resolutions for the time being.  Ciao. 

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