Saturday, December 20, 2008

Champagne and Magazines

My perfect way to relax during an evening typically involves good reading material and a glass of wine, though recently I have rediscovered the joy of cheap champagne.  Lucky for me, both of the magazines for which I have a subscription, Allure and Vogue, arrived in my mailbox at the same time.  Furthermore, I just happened to pick up a couple of bottles of cheap bubbly on my way home, setting myself up for a cozy night at home.  

Perusing Vogue, I noticed the article "Seeing Red," which documents the transition of model Coco Rocha from her natural brunette head of hair to a fiery red.  

I am not entirely sold on the hair color for her.  The shade itself looks beautiful and more natural than most red dye jobs I have seen.  However, her skin tone does not seem to mesh with the hair.  The makeup in that photo might not do her hair justice...If she had more colorful lips and cheeks it might not wash her out nearly as much.  I think these ladies do a bit better with balancing fair skin and red hair with the appropriate makeup:

Okay, so Nic0le's hair is not exactly red in that photo.  But these fair-faced ladies use makeup to their advantage and warm up their complexions enough so that the red hair doesn't overwhelm their pretty alabaster skin. 

Thoughts?  How does Coco compare to these ladies?  Can she pull-off the red hair?

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