Thursday, December 18, 2008


Fashion choices are made each day the across globe by people heading to work, to a social event or simply out the door to fetch groceries.  What they put on is informed by culture, weather, what's appropriate for the setting and personal style.  I love searching for inspiration in images of people in other cities or countries and figuring out which pieces of an outfit will translate best to my life.  

As for me, my style depends on my mood and whether I am being a pre-lawyer (aka a second-year law student) or existing in the world outside of school.  I am still figuring out how I can make those worlds collide once I graduate, both on a stylistic and professional level, as they are my two passions and I hope that they will not forever be mutually exclusive.  

On a final note, a technology whiz I am not, therefore, I hope to eventually get better at incorporating images and other effects.  

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