Sunday, December 28, 2008

Neither Hair Nor There

My last haircut was a mildly traumatizing experience, and I am still dealing with the frustrating results several weeks later.  Previously, my hair was styled in an angled bob, longer in front and slightly stacked in back.  All I wanted was a trim that followed the lines of the last haircut.  I should have re-scheduled the appointment when the salon called to say that my stylist would be out of town for a family emergency and that a different stylist would be assisting me, but my hair was annoying me, so I went against my instinct and okayed the change.

I knew it would not end well when I asked for 1/2 an inch to be taken off and then, after my chair had been whirled away from the mirror, I felt my hair suddenly brushing against my cheek, well above my chin and at least 3 inches shorter than before.  I took deep breaths and managed to not burst into tears when finally I was spun around to face the mirror.  Though I was entirely unhappy with the non-angled, non-stacked, too-short cut, I said nothing.  At that point it could not be fixed and I wished to preserve whatever length I had remaining.  I should have mentioned how much I hated the cut and demanded that I not be charged, but I did not.  I was in shock and instead I paid and even tipped.  

My hair is finally starting to grow out and put on some of the length that was taken from me the last go-round and I am contemplating how best to proceed.  If I take it short to give it an actual style, I might opt for the look that Nicole Richie was sporting in the January 2007 issue of Allure magazine. 

That would keep my hair approximately the same length it is now, but give it style and some layers that I could work with.  Alternately, I could continue to grow it and just get trims to keep it even until it reaches a length like Nicole's haircut below (from 
I am leaning towards the shorter haircut.  After playing with my hair and trying to make the best of the situation, I also noticed the the right side is shorter than the left, except the very front part, which seems to be longer than the left.  These inconsistencies are driving me crazy and I really want my regular stylist to work her magic and give me back a head of hair that I can work with so I can feel confident when I leave my place.  

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