Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Tomorrow the husband and I are NYC bound! Living in Philly makes the trip incredibly easy - it's a mere 2 hour bus ride (we are city people without a car). We had a tremendously laid-back NYE last year, but this year we are making an adventure of the holiday.

We will arrive tomorrow morning, meet up with my dear college friend at her place in the financial district and then lunch somewhere tasty. Champagne will be bought and drunk in copious amounts and we will avoid Times Square and instead watch fireworks from her rooftop with the roommates and neighbors.

What to wear has presented me with quite a dilemma as I am feeling the Christmas indulgences all too well around my waistline, my thighs, everywhere! It has made the thrill of choosing an outfit altogether less thrilling. The accessories are fun to select, but fitted skirts are another story...I'm sure after a glass or two of champagne I will not give it much thought tomorrow.

We will be traipsing around NYC the next day and exploring neighborhoods we haven't yet visited, such as Brooklyn. Korean barbecue is definitely on the list in the Murray Hill area as Philly lacks the plethora of Korean restaurants that Portland had and New York boasts. Also on the agenda are Murray's bagels and the Shake Shack.

Hope everyone has a festive and safe New Year's Eve!

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