Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am currently in love with the idea of moving to Paris upon graduation. I have this daydream that I become an attorney either directly for, or with a firm that represents, any number of brilliant French designers, whether the 'big' names or young start-ups. I could work with people whose work I admire and have a reason to wear fancy clothes (to show my respect for their style, bien sur) instead of boring, conservative suits.

Things to know about this fantasy:
1. I do not speak French (well, unless you count the words 'croissant' and 'pain au chocolat').
2. I have no connections to any legal people in France...actually I have no connections to anyone in France. Period.
3. My day dreams do not involve me having to do any work; I merely prance around the streets of Paris in pretty dresses, eating croissants and attending fashion shows.

I obviously have an active imagination. But, I do love having a goal, no matter how inconceivable it seems in the moment I dream it up. My lovely husband is even on board with this plan. I believe that part of our tax refund will be spend on Rosetta Stone so we can at least cross off number 1 above. 2 and 3 still need to be worked out, so if anyone has a brilliant idea that will help me never to have to actually work, or will put me in touch with legal/fashion bigwigs in Paris, I would adore you forever. Merci!

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