Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Need: Workplace Edition

When I moved from west to east coast, I did a major cleaning of my wardrobe. I keep it pretty sparse anyway, I like to only have items that I actually want to wear and throw out things that I haven't been worn in a year, but my closet is far too lean for even my taste. Things I discarded include many basics that simply had seen better days and were not worth hauling cross country as I was leaving my job and becoming a full-time student anyway.

At this point I don't even have a good pair of office appropriate black pants. I also lost several pairs of shoes leading up to our move, but those were due to our pomeranian being a puppy and going through a 'chewing phase' that also claimed a pair of yoga pants, one of my favorite navy/cream striped tees and a purse handle. Now I am looking for a summer legal job and to that end, I need to begin rebuilding. It will be slow going though, because I am supremely picky; even the reality that I have few things to wear isn't enough to spur me into spending money if I am not in love with an item.

On my list of needs:

- Black pumps: The heel must be substantial, both in height and in width, and it cannot be patent leather - I hate the way it scuffs.

- Wool black pants: I actually need 2 pairs, one slim-cut and another more swingy, but not too wide-legged as I am not tall enough to carry it off well.

- White button-up shirt: The material cannot be too flimsy and I like a bit of embellishment, but not too froufrou.

- Silk camisoles: I needs something to put beneath a suit coat, but I feel too constricted with a long-sleeve collared shirt. Needless to say, they cannot be too low-cut or look like they are supposed to be lingerie.

- Dresses: I used to hate dresses, opting instead for pants. However, I have come to love the simplicity of a dress, it's an entire outfit and there is no mixing/matching dilemmas to confront. I have a few cocktail dresses, but I need more everyday dresses that can be paired with a cardigan if necessary or worn alone. I also want to be able to dress them up and down so that they can take me from day to night if the need arises.

If I had one of each of the above, I would be in a much better place than I am now, both for interviews and for everyday work wear.

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