Monday, February 23, 2009


Today while on my hunt for some of the items on my wardrobe wishlist from yesterday, I got derailed.  MAC called my name and I could not resist!  To be fair, I did need the Prime Eye eye base.  I have been piling on moisturizer to combat the dry air and wind that attack my face, leaving it parched.  This effort has resulted in my eye makeup creasing and slipping, which I hate.  I blink and my eyeliner leaves a line halfway up my eyelid!  I have yet to put this to the test, I'll try it tomorrow and report back.  

Less necessary was the SPF 15 lip conditioner in 'Pink Fish' from the Hello Kitty/MAC collaboration.  It was too pretty to pass up.  I am feeling ready for spring, and it was a fresh color that will brighten up an otherwise light makeup day.  

I also hit up Sephora in search of a deep conditioner.  I had never colored my hair, with the exception of those drugstore colors that wash out in 12 shampoos that I tried in high school, until 3 months ago when I decided to get highlights and have since gone for a couple touch-ups.  My previously fine, soft hair has taken a beating and has become more brittle and dry than I have ever experienced.  One advantage is that it gives it more volume than I would normally have, but I still don't like running my fingers through damaged hair.  While I am debating whether or not to get them touched up once more, or whether to go with lowlights and try to grow it out, I still want to keep my hair looking shiny.  I decided on this Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Hair Mask and I think I am pleased.  I left it in for 25 minutes and my hair is feeling soft, but not too fine or weighed down.  I will know for sure when I blow-dry my hair tomorrow and actually style it, but as it air dries at the moment I am liking what I see.  Also a plus, it smells great!

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