Saturday, October 24, 2009


This will not do wonders for my studying for final exams. At all. Not only did we get Wii, but we got Wii Fit and MarioKart, which is my favorite SuperNintendo game of all time. Greg called it a belated birthday gift, but he is now glued to MarioKart while I try to ignore the enticing, bubbly music and sound effects that are calling me to the couch to play. On the bright side, according to Wii Fit I have great posture and balance - this is something you would never guess if you were to see me studying, hunched over like a gargoyle statue, nose inches from my laptop screen...Some classmates will be distracted by the Phillies playing in the World Series, I will be distracted by Wii. I guess it keeps things fair.

Any new distractions in your life?

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  1. We have a Wii (among many other gaming consoles that belong to my other half) but haven't gotten around to getting the Wii Fit yet. One of my girlfriends swears by it, I might pop it on my Christmas wish list!