Monday, March 23, 2009

Style Crush: Caroline Sieber

Caroline Sieber keeps popping up on my radar these days.  However, until yesterday I never knew her name.  As it turns out, she is an Austrian born stylist who lives in London.  She runs with the European socialite crowd and was 'discovered' at Jemma Kidd's wedding by Anna Wintour who gave her a post as a contributing stylist for Vogue.  

She knows how to rock a dress and chooses pieces that, even when they have classic lines,  have detailing and embellishments that prevent them from being too safe.  For example, if you click on the last dress you can see in the larger photo that it is actually covered in feathers.  Though photos of her in casual wear are few, she seems to favor slightly androgynous, but edgy, silhouettes, which appeal to me as I am definitely not girly.  All in all she has an enviable style and a confident air about her that allows her to pull it off exceedingly well. 

Photo Credit:, Solarpix/PR Photos

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